This article, Absolute Territory Field, is property of Demon-Eyes Rasetsu.

Absolute Territory Field
Literal English Absolute Territory Field
Other Name(s) Absolute Terror Field
Rank S
Hand Seals None
Incantation None
Range All Ranges
Type No Type
Classification Kinjutsu
Chakra Nature Numerous
Other Jutsu
Related Jutsu N/A
Parent Jutsu Conceptual Domain
Derived Jutsu N/A
User(s) Rasetsu Uzumaki

The Absolute Territory Field is a multi-release jutsu used by Rasetsu. It allows him to warp and modify the localized existential gravity around him and compress it into an insanely dense field of spherical energy surrounding him. The field is enforced by numerous vectors stemming from his Detachment of The Physical World ability and further fortified by the implementation of numerous defensive concepts at his disposal thanks to his Conceptual Domain ability, forming literally an exponential amount of layers that form a truly absolute, flawless defense surrounding his body. The area around him effectively and literally bans all enemy attacks and techniques from reaching him and doing any damage at all to his body or existence in any way shape or form.