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Calamity-Style Godfist
Rasetsu Unleashes The Calamity
Name Calamity-Style Godfist
Kanji 災難形式神拳
Rōmaji Sainan Keishiki Shinken
Literal English Calamity Style Godfist
Other Name(s) The Supreme Fist
The Unbeatable Fist
Rank None
Hand Seals N/A
Incantation None
Range All Ranges
Type Taijutsu
Other Jutsu
User(s) Rasetsu Uzumaki

Calamity-Style Godfist(災難形式神拳, Sainan Keishiki Shinken) is an extreme fighting style created and put together by Rasetsu Uzumaki. It is stated to be the primordial form of martial combat and that which all forms of the fist are descended form. It is an exceedingly ancient, supernatural martial arts form which was created and practised by the Uzumaki Clan during the times of ancient earth, though throughout the ages, practitioners of this fighting form diminished greatly, and eventually, the devastating fighting style became myth and legend.