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Reina Uzumaki
Personal Status

Reina Uzumaki is one of Rasetsu Uzumaki's Imperial Artifact holders, being selected as the wielder of The Sword of Infinite Wrath. Among the Artifact Holders, she is regarded as being the most reliable and the most skilled, having earned herself the circumvented moniker of Demon-Eyes Neira due to the immense amount of synergization that she has achieved within Rasetsu's power. 








Imperial ArtifactEdit


Neira Transformed

Neira One with The Godsword

Whether it be the effect of her Uzumaki Genes naturaly reacting and corresponding to her artifact, or something else entirely, Reina demonstrates such an immense affinity towards her own imperial artifact, The Ten Fists Godsword, that she completely blows the other potentials out of the water entirely by comparison. When tapping into her power, Reina's slumbering DNA becomes stimulated and awakened, prompting both her previously brown hair to change hue's to a shiny, signature uzumaki red, and the over all length to increase by a rather significant degree. As the godsword awakens it uses her body as a vessel, prompting a cosmetic transformation which seems to be reminiscent of a completed Jinchuriki form, such as that which had been demonstrated by Obito Uchiha upon subjugating the power of the ten tails. Unique, purple markings also appear upon the sides of her face, giving her a distinctively sagely appearance, as the sclera in her eyes blacken to a crips sheen, and her iris' become a bright goldenrod yellow. Her body is effected by Rasetsu's power synchronizing with her cells, which is shown in the rather extreme change in her physical appearance, giving her a form fitting, dermal biological armor, showing the upheaval of natural energy.

Completed FormEdit

Crimson Queen

The Crimson Queen

Also referred to as "The Crimson Queen"...