This article, Sage Taijutsu - Body Refraction Technique, is property of Demon-Eyes Rasetsu.

Sage Taijutsu - Body Refraction Technique
Other Name(s) Super Armor
Rank S
Hand Seals None
Incantation None
Range Close
Type Senjutsu
Classification Kinjutsu
Chakra Nature None
Other Jutsu
Related Jutsu Detachment of The Physical World
Absolute Territory Field

Using detachment of the physical world, Rasetsu encloses the range of his "vector field" to form an extremely thin, but ultra dense "second skin" of vectors which coat his body from head to toe, granting him a highly advanced form of flawless "super armor". Any enemy attack or jutsu that makes contact with him will have its velocity, energy, and mass perfectly compensated by vector energy and simply slip off harmlessly, being refracted by the thin layer of absolute vectors which are coating Rasetsu's body. This allows him to attack and interrupt enemy attacks with his movements, even if he has failed to attack first.