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"A family of monsters of such power and strength that even gods and demons alike were subjugated to their will thanks to their immense power. A family whom yielded Rikudou Sennin, who's hair shines an emblazoned crimson. This is the true nature of the strongest clan in the world; The Uzumaki."
— Shunryu Hyuga

Uzumaki Clan
Uzumaki Clan

The Uzumaki Clan is the name of the oldest and most powerful known clan in the Naruto Universe. Due to the immense threat level that they posed to other clans and organizations, they uzumaki clans homeland was destroyed by an allied force composed of Kiri, Kumo, and Suna ninja, with the intent of bringing about their extinction. However, the unrivaled tenacity of the Uzumaki Clan merely caused them to be spread out throughout the far reaches of the world, living in hiding. Their former glory was recently restored by Rasetsu Uzumaki, The Crimson King.


The history of the prestigious uzumaki dynasty goes as follows. Born of the union between two gods, The Uzumaki Clan are the single mightiest of families within the known world. A lineage of Demigods holding blood within them which provides them innate abilities and techniques far above that of others, they once stood at the very pinnacle of power and political influence. The Uzumaki Clan also hold the unique characteristic of being one of the only two clans whom do not specialize in Ninja arts, the other being the Hyuga Clan, whom specialize in Martial Arts. Instead, The Uzumaki Clan are a devastating family of Shaman, Onmyouji, and Priests with an immense awareness of the forces that lay beyond, something which allowed them to subjugate and control the god of death himself, among other deities and spirits of immense power.

However, for all their power, the blood of the wrathful god that courses through their veins made those of Uzumaki Descent extremely dangerous and prone to going sporadically berserk, destroying everything and everyone in their surroundings. For this reason they used their spiritual prowess to form sealing methods which would circumvent their violent tendencies, something which they later became infamous for. Eventually, The Uzumaki yielded the boy whom would later become Rikudou Sennin, who defied the teachings of his clansmen and delved deep and dangerously into the clans violent tendencies. Through this he resolved his families violence prone-ness and earned immense praise, having done so by learning the "true nature" of chakra.